Simon Robe

Semantic Arts
Senior Technical Consultant
Simon Robe is a Senior Technical Consultant whose primary areas of expertise are Systems Architecture and Database Design.

Simon Robe is a Senior Technical Consultant whose primary areas of expertise are Systems Architecture and Database Design. Mr. Robe is a principal of Semantic Arts, having joined the company in 2000. He has over twenty years of experience as a systems architect, database designer, systems analyst and project manager and has worked primarily with large enterprises. Mr. Robe has been involved with all aspects of the Systems Architecture process, from assessing the needs of clients to delivery and training of end users. Mr. Robe has worked as an internal contributor as well as a consultant to numerous organizations across many industries. As a result, he has a breadth of insight that allows him to see unique possibilities that benefit the clients of Semantic Arts.

His recent engagements have centered on consulting on a variety of design issues, with the focus being large information resource management projects and leveraging message based and service oriented integration techniques in data warehouse and business intelligence solutions.

Selected Accomplishments

Mr. Robe developed an information architecture and migration plan for Semantic Arts’ client Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. Robe was part of a team that evaluated the department’s systems needs through a series of facilitated sessions, designed a target message based, service oriented architecture and established a migration plan to put it into effect. His particular focus was the information needs for the new environment including establishing the data distribution, data warehouse and BI elements of the architecture.

Mr. Robe led the information architecture initiative for Semantics Arts’ client, World Minerals. The overall project involved developing a comprehensive application systems architecture and migration plan with a goal of eliminating World Minerals’ dependence on proprietary hardware and software technologies and to establish a flexible architecture into which applications could be gradually migrated. The target architecture was based on application message bus and data warehouse technologies.

Mr. Robe was the ODBA for, a software company which built a codeless application development architecture. He managed the object database on which the architecture and the applications written within resided and also served as lead designer and project manager on several health care application development projects. Mr. Robe also designed and managed an enterprise-wide object data model of the health care industry that supported multiple clients’ applications. The model was comprised of over 500 classes and 1000 relationships and encompassed several meta-levels, and was directly implemented in Matisse, a true object oriented DBMS. The development methodology relied heavily on OO pattern based techniques.

As a consultant in the role of lead architect, Mr. Robe developed an enterprise application and data architecture for the Los Angeles Police Department. Project deliverables included functional, data and applications models and an implementation plan. Robe worked with the LAPD technology team to produce distribution and technology models. To ensure a thorough requirements analysis, Robe facilitated user workshops with a total of fifty LAPD employees to develop and validate the architecture. A migration plan was also established for the conversion.

For Nestle USA, Mr. Robe managed a major client-server development project to automate the management of Nestlé’s manufacturing recipes. He successfully built consensus in business practices and system design across multiple US operating companies. Robe also planned and facilitated monthly off-site design sessions with eight to twelve users to develop data and process models as well as to design and prototype the application. He created SQL Anywhere databases to prototype the design and SQL Server databases for the scaled up implementation. The completed project ensured use of a common data model across the many corporate systems and implemented a data warehouse based reporting architecture that drew data from multiple applications and supported both operational and EIS requirements.

Mr. Robe has a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Architecture from Aston University, Birmingham, England.


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