Dave McComb

Semantic Arts
President, CEO
Dave McComb is the president of Semantic Arts with over 20 years of experience in the field of semantics and enterprise ontology.
11 Old Town Square Ste. 200
Fort Collins,CO

Dave McComb is the President and founder of Semantic Arts, Inc. His focus is on project management and business applications, as well as bringing an overall enterprise architecture approach to the firm’s engagements.

Mr. McComb has nearly 30 years of experience, 13 with Andersen Consulting/Accenture and over 16 independently and through various joint ventures. Over that period of time he has managed over a dozen multi-million dollar development projects and worked with a number of major clients including: Georgia Pacific, Boise Cascade, Norton Abrasives, Wildish Construction, US Geological Survey, Trus Joist, Far West Federal Savings and Loan, Haw Par Trading (Singapore), Bougainville Copper, US West Materiel Resources, Colorado Department of Transportation, Martin Marietta, Johns Manville, Micro Planning International, BSW Architects, Dean Medical Center, Velocity.com, World Minerals, CommerceOne and Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

The consistent thread in McComb’s career has been the ability to craft novel architected solutions to business problems. He sometimes refers to this as the “applied research” approach to application development. While many see architecture as a nice-to-have overhead item, McComb has been successful at incorporating it into approaches, timeframes and budgets of normal systems development. At Bougainville Copper he incorporated the development of what would later be called “integrated CASE” into the development of materials management applications for the mine. The application and architecture were completed and converted for one-fourth the cost of a comparably sized conventional project running in parallel. The application and architiecture ran flawlessly for nearly a decade until the mine was decommissioned. At Johns Manville he led a team that developed the “Application Software Factory” which combined Artificial Intelligence and code generation to build an integrated Process-ERP system. Of the three million lines of COBOL code, over 97% were generated by the system. The system has been in production for over a decade, survived Y2K untouched and was recently ported to a browser based interface. At Velocity he led a team to develop the first truly model-driven applications. The healthcare applications built by Velocity run directly from the model, and do not require code generation. At Labor & Industries he is involved in a consulting role to help them migrate towards the SOA architecture that Semantic Arts defined for them, within the constraints of their existing budgets.

McComb’s main strength is in taking technology that has been proven to work, but that others have not yet found the most effective way to apply, and applying that to real world problems. His current key interests are in the application of Service Oriented Architectures and expression of the underlying semantics of business applications.

McComb has a Master of Business Administration from Portland State University.

2000-Present: President, Semantic Arts, Inc.

Key projects

2000 World Minerals, Feasibility of ERP Port versus Package Implementation
2001 World Minerals, System Integration Architecture and Long Range Plan
2001 Commerce One, Development of content for eMarketplace training material
2001 Xylem Design, Strategic Business Plan
2002 Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, Technology Assessment and Risk Analysis
2003 Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, Service Oriented Architecture Design
2003 WSIA/Labor and Industries, Feasibility and Project Plan for Electronic Filing and Web-Based Reporting of Claims for Self Insured Employers
2004 Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, Shared Security Design
2005 Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, Web Facing Services and Portal Evaluation
2005 Colorado Child Support, SOA Planning
2006 Washington State Department of Transportation, Impact Assessment
2006 Central Intelligence Agency, Consulting on SOA approaches
2006 – 2007 Washington State Department of Transportation, Enterprise Architecture design and migration planning
2007 – 2008 Washington State Office of Financial Management, Architecture design utilizing SOA
2008 Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan, Assessment of their SOA and Logical Data Modeling initiatives
2008 Fiserv, Ontology training, ontology design and consulting on the redevelopment of their core insurance systems
2008 Washington State Employment Security Department, Feasibility study and migration planning
2009 Sallie Mae, Developed Enterprise Ontology and performed some localization
2009 Mississippi Department of Transportation, High level strategic planning
2010 Sallie Mae, Worked on project to convert Enterprise Ontology to Message Model, refined Enterprise Ontology and mentored staff
2011 Procter & Gamble, Built an ontology for their R&D function
2011 LexisNexis, Built and integrated a conceptual legal ontology, and built the tooling to incorporate many logical data models into a combined ontology
2011 Teacher Retirement System of Texas, captured and documented the “as-is” and “to-be” architectures
2011 Sentara Healthcare, Building an Enterprise Ontology

Patents, Certification and Awards

Lead inventor on patents # 6,006,224 (Crucible Query System) and #6,049,673 (OrganicWare Applications), and #6,111,573 (Device independent window and view system). The Crucible Query System patent covers techniques to create database queries from data models, without requiring they be expressed as a declarative language (such as SQL). The OrganicWare Application Patent covers methods to build entire applications without any code. “Device independent window and view” covered techniques to allow automated layout based on information about screen size and resolution.

PMP/PMI – Certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) by the Project Management Institute (PMI) (late 80’s – mid 90’s).

APICS – Certified by the American Production and Inventory Control Society (mid to late 80’s)


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