We exist to usher in the next generation of enterprise information systems.

This future is not about new languages, databases or technologies—though these will play a role—but about radical changes in the relationships between apps and data.

There is now more than enough evidence that these new approaches work, they work at scale, and they are orders of magnitude more flexible than traditional technology. Currently there is no canned package that will convert your organization to semantics, and maybe there never will be. We believe that for most organizations, the semantic journey will require discipline and conviction more than fancy software.

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Enterprise Ontology

The key concepts in your information systems formally defined is a key prerequisite to getting a handle on information complexity.

Legacy Migration

Moving off a legacy system is hard. Let us show you an approach that solves the "big bang" conversions that make the headlines.

Information Harmonization

Strategies for easing the information integration burden while keeping up with the onslaught of new data sources.

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Spring Course Dates
February 18-25, 2015

Designing & Building Business Ontologies

Forward-looking firms see the time as now to move ahead with building their business ontologies. We can jump start the process with our in-depth semantics training course.

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